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Luckily, you don’t have to worry about any fees as we’re rewarded by the lender that you eventually choose to go with. We’re always paid with an equal amount from any lender so we’ll always have your best interests within us. Furthermore, our team will proficiently find the best loan solutions that will perfectly fit your needs with the most competitive rates and aligned with your financial goals. 

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Your Wollongong mortgage broker

We recognise that purchasing a home might be one of the biggest financial settlements to make. Therefore, it is greatly suggested to talk to an expert mortgage specialist that can serve a complete financial plan breakdown. At Mortgage Broker Wollongong, we ensure to find the best rates on mortgages in Wollongong. We pledge in creating a smooth process flow while you sit and relax with your family. 

Your very own Mortgage Broker in Wollongong.

We’ve been operating in Wollongong and serving local residents for many years. We’re a local business that prides itself on being able to provide excellent service to each and every client.

First home buyer?

Most of us have been through a nervous state when securing our first property purchase. Though it might be frightening to do this action, we are here to help you out and do the leg work.  At Mortgage Broker Wollongong, we’ll do our best to explain how the ‘First Home Owner Grant’ works, and how we can use it to your advantage.

We guarantee that the whole process will run smoothly as we assist you in every step of the way. If you’ve got any concerns, contact us now and speak to our expert team so we can find out how best to serve you. 

Why Choose Us?

Our Mortgage Brokers Wollongong team ensures to provide the right strategy that is relevant to your current financial situation. With that, you’ll get to access the premium loan options that is freely accessible to you.

The best thing is that if there’s a greater solution on hand in the next 12 to 24 months, we’ll give you the finest alternatives on how to take advantage of this opportunity. That certainly means that every process is on us. At Mortgage Broker Wollongong, we assure you to find the most valuable loan options and competitive rates suitable for you.

Furthermore, we take pride in ourselves in being an open and authentic team, and therefore we want to provide assurance that you’ll have the best personalised experience available. This means that you’ll have 24/7 access to our services at your most convenience. We treat all our clients more than a family, because we wanted to make sure that we’ll get to have a long-lasting relationship that goes beyond a “transaction”.

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No need to ask around who the “best mortgage broker near me” is anymore.

We have always wanted to serve our best to any clients and customers that we have. We desire to become a one-stop-shop that deals with home loans and other financial services. We want you to find our team reliable, honest and experienced that is more than capable in handling your financial needs. We guarantee on giving our absolute best to you.

Surely, you have nothing to lose, and everything to gain!

Refinance your home loan

Refinancing your existing home loan may not sound very exciting. However, it is definitely worth considering as you may be able to access a better deal than what you’re currently receiving.

We’ll first make sure to assess your existing loan package to determine any potential benefits. If there are any, we can take care of the entire process – while you put your feet up.

Some Reasons to REFINANCE

Refinancing with us is a stress-free process. We’ll utilise our channels to expedite the application process, which means that you’ll start saving a lot sooner than you think!

We’ll provide you a number of different options for your choice in loan packages. After assessing your current loan package, we’ll provide you a summary of what you will currently have access to. This will allow you to understand how your financial position will move in the right direction, where we’ll only recommend moving forward – if you’re better off.

It’s always worth reconciling your financial positioning. While doing so, we can help you utilise any equity in your portfolio if you require any improvements in your cash flow. Whether you’re thinking to renovate, or undertake a construction build, this will help free up you cash savings.

It’s always a good idea to make your debt simplified and in one place. That way it’s much easier to keep track of and you can easily monitor your cashflow. It may be worth considering in look at your existing personal/ and or credit card debt to be combined with your home mortgage.

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1. Fill in the quote form or chat with us

To get to know you better, we’ll chat with you to know what your current financial situation looks like. We might be able to ask you a lot of questions so that we can get to know you on a deeper level and recognise how we can best serve you at all cost. With that, we’ll be able to fully develop and plan something that is 100% tailored to you.

Educating our clients is also one of our top priorities, and so we'll give a breakdown of how the process works and what your current financial environment looks like. We believe that having a foundational understanding is important and valuable; that’s why we’re here to support you at all times.

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2. The arranging of the pre-approval loan process

The next thing is to formulate an accurate strategy that best suits your purpose. This process is give you peace of mind whenever you are looking for a new home or investment. To help you reach your goals, we’ll discuss a clear indication of your spending limits, and the power to quickly close a deal for any property you are interested in. This part of the process is taken care of you, and saves you a lot of the hassle, as the pre-approval process is super quick. Eventually, this will allow you to shop around quickly, without losing time.

Furthermore, we’ll give you a breakdown of what you will exactly need from A-Z. This matter entails the interest rates, monthly repayment costs and any other relevant options to consider. We’ll explain everything in a specific manner to give you the best overview that you will need. The most common mistakes that many people go for, is only looking for the lender that provides the lowest interest rate, without considering their bank’s lending capabilities in the long term. It is always important to gather all the options available, especially for the long-term.

3. Let us do all the work and get your loan finalised, while you relax

Our team will not forget you after your loan has been completed. We’re always here to continue looking after our clients and addressing all your queries. So, once we get your approval for your loan and receive all the required documents, we’ll immediately process it with the banks and give you updates on a regular basis. The settlements within this process can take 1-2 weeks to finalise.

Aside from that, we assure to review your loan on a timely basis and guarantee to ensure you are receiving the best loan deals available. After that, we can form a comparison with the other lenders on your behalf. This is done so that we can try to find a lower rate for your loan package or find another lender to ensure you are in a better position (with the same loan products). At Mortgage Broker Wollongong, we always want what's best for you. We are here to guide you and help you create better financial decisions in life.



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Home loans

Purchasing property can be a major stress and worry in life. Mortgage Broker Wollongong are industry professionals that are always available to help and educate our clients whenever in need. We understand that it is not simply choosing the right location but selecting the best financing options.

We’ll help you find the best and appropriate home loan packages in Wollongong through undertaking a number of financial assessments. We’ll guide you through the process from the start,  all the way up until settlement. This will therefore provide you with the ability to move forward in contract negotiations in the market, for property you’re aiming to buy. You won’t have to think more about anything else as we complete the entire loan application process for you and keep you fully updated at regular intervals.

For instance, if you’re a first home buyer, we can complete the First Home Owner Grant application for you, and assist you through the entire qualification process.

Investment loans

At Mortgage Broker Wollongong, we guarantee the best deals to offer for you at the current time. We’ll have a one on one discussion with the ideal loan structure and create a strategy to minimise any potential lender’s mortgage insurance (LMI) for your expected returns and investment strategy.

Moreover, we are here to assist you and check your entire property portfolio to assure that you are getting the best package available and negotiate with the banks on your part. We’ll then carry on managing all parts of the process with you and put together a robust plan. Our team will identify the most valuable deals for investment loan products from a wide range of lenders available in the market. Together with you, we’ll manage all deadlines, as well as your settlement deadlines and property valuations.

The good news is, we do all of this at completely no cost to you. How’s that

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Renovation loans

Renovations loans are not cheap. This is especially true for properties that will need quite a lot of work done. While there are tons of things to fund a home renovation, it is invaluable to ensure that you have the right amount of cash flow available with these kinds of projects.

The selections that are available for doing this might involve using your own savings or paying out of your own pocket using other means. During these moments, Mortgage Broker Wollongong is here to assist you with all the processes that you might deal with, to find you the most suitable method in financing your home renovation. 

Construction loans

Financing a home construction can be easily managed with a construction loan; but securing one might be a bit of a challenge. Employing construction loans can offer workable solutions with special construction conditions.

You can break down your loan into different phases which we refer to as progressive drawdowns that enable you to draw the payments at different stages of your construction project. Many of our clients will use this strategy so that you won’t need all the funds up front, and therefore taking a hit to your cashflow.

All of this can be pulled from a predetermined loan amount that is arranged by the lender. As such, the advantage is that you will only be billed based on the interest on the amounts you draw from the loan provisions. 

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Commercial loans

These types of loans are accessible through various lenders and financial companies. Commercial financing allows you to have working capital for the capital funding process. Our team of Finance Brokers Wollongong are more than competent and efficient in helping you create a strong investment strategy for looking at the best borrowed capital that applies to your project the most.

Therefore, this means that whether you need a long or short-term loan product, we’ll attain the best value debt to capitalise and provide for your future business plans. 

Car loans

Purchasing your dream car might be a hard reach. Our Car Loans Wollongong brokers are here to provide and serve the best sources of funding available to enable you to get behind the wheel of your dream car. We understand your needs and so we are here to help you ease your cash flow without needing to draw all the cash instantly. With that, it could help you plan your budget accordingly and spread your monthly expenditures.

We’ll find you the best lender that is harmonised to a strategy that will fit your requirements and needs. We are committed with you in achieving that dream car you’ve always wanted.

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Approved Wollongong Mortgage Brokerage Service

Our team provides a tailored solution for all services that best fit your requirements and needs to achieve your financial goals in life.  We are with you throughout the whole time and deliver rewarding assistance with our clients. We appreciate all of our clients more than anything, so we monitor everything and ensure that every criteria is met.

We believe that educating our customers is one of the more rewarding aspects; and so, we assure that every client is receiving the best treatment that they need through bringing the best solutions to the table. We guarantee to work everything out from scratch and help you strategise towards a better future.

Our journey doesn’t end when your loan is approved.

Our goal to get connected with you and review everything in a timely manner. With our access to the best loan products on the market, our qualified and licensed professionals will continuously communicate and discuss each product with you, while you enjoy quality time with your family as we simply do everything on your behalf. 

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Our goal is to give exceptional and proficient customer service to our clients. Delivering the highest and best quality work is one of our top priorities. We believe that leaving our clients with vast financial knowledge is the best thing that we can offer.

We wanted you to have a stress-free experience, as we help you with your financial decisions. We assure you to stay by your side so that you receive the best deals in financial services along the process. We will always understand your needs and provide a full and transparent service, so that you always have an idea what is happening in the market.

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